The cities in Anderson County are all rich in history, culture and adventure. Learn more about Anderson County and the history behind the cities that are a part of it.

Explore the cities in Anderson County

Anderson County includes Clinton, Norris, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs and Rocky Top. Each city has its own adventure and is an important part of history. Learn more about the cities below.


Green McAdoo Cultural Center in Clinton TN

Founded in 1801, the City of Clinton was first named Burrville in honor of Vice President Aaron Burr, who served during Thomas Jefferson’s first term. The name was quickly changed in 1809 because of the disgraceful Burr-Hamilton duel, which resulted in the death of Alexander Hamilton. The name was changed to Clinton after Thomas Jefferson’s second term vice president, George Clinton…

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Norris TN in Anderson County

The City of Norris was built out of necessity but it wasn’t built haphazardly.  It was a planned community built by the Tennessee Valley Authority to temporarily house the workers building the first TVA dam, Norris Dam. The city’s ultimate purpose was to be a permanent town that demonstrated cooperative living…

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Oak Ridge

Photo of Oak Ridge TN

In the early 1940’s, while the Germans struggled to find the fuel source for a weapon that would give them the ultimate power, the United States was looking for a site in the mountains and valleys of East Tennessee to build a top-secret city that would be used to create the world’s first Atomic Bomb. They found 60,000 acres in the mountains of East Tennessee to build a Secret City f…

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Oliver Springs

ATV rides in the cities in Anderson County TN

Oliver Springs is an outdoor lover’s paradise and has always been geared toward tourist. People settled in the area in 1821 because of the mineral springs. The founder, Richard Oliver built a 35-room inn in the 1830′s and began the first promotion of the mineral springs. The inn was used as a hospital by both sides during the Civil War. The property has also been home to a resort ho…

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Rocky Top

Cities in Anderson County TN

Coal mining is one of the industries that rebuilt the South after the Civil War. Coal mining created a booming town in North Anderson County called Coal Creek while providing much needed jobs and energy to the area. After the Civil War, prisons in the South overflowed causing the southern states to create the “convict lease system” which turned prisoners from liabilities into assets by leasing…

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