Tennis Court Dance

Event Date: July 16, 2022 - October 21, 2022

Tennis Court Dance

Put on your dancing shoes, Manhattan Project National Historical Park’s Tennis Court Dances are back! We will be hosting our monthly Tennis Court Dance on the third Thursday of the month. Located at the Jackson Square Tennis Courts in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Dances will take place on July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20

All ages are welcome to attend, and everyone is encouraged to participate. This free event will feature swing dancing music from the 1940’s WWII era as well as more modern hits that span all age groups. The music will make you want to move your feet and get on the dance floor. Public parking is available along Broadway Avenue near Kentucky Avenue and within the public parking in Jackson Square.

Manhattan Project National Historical Park tells the story about the people, events, science, and engineering that led to the creation of the Atomic Bomb, which helped end WWII. That story consists partly of a city that came to be known as Oak Ridge and over 75,000 people that lived within its limits.

For more information or directions, please contact the Manhattan Project National Historical Park at (865) 482-1942.

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Jackson Square Tennis Courts, Oak Ridge, TN 37830