Voices and Votes: Democracy in America Traveling Exhibit

Event Date: March 28, 2023 - May 06, 2023

Voices and Votes: Democracy in America Traveling Exhibit

The Smithsonian is coming to Clinton!

In conjunction with the Tennessee Association of Museums and Museum on Main Street, the Green McAdoo Cultural Center is going to be hosting a traveling exhibit called, Voices: and Votes: Democracy in America.

“When American revolutionaries waged a war for independence they took a leap of faith that sent ripple effects across generations. They embraced a radical idea of establishing a government that entrusted the power of the nation not in a monarchy, but in its citizens. That great leap sparked questions that continue to impact Americans: who has the right to vote, what are the freedoms and responsibilities of citizens, and whose voices will be heard? Voices and Votes: Democracy in America will be a springboard for discussions about those very questions and how they are reflected in local stories.

Voices and Votes is based on a major exhibition currently on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. This Museum on Main Street adaptation will have many of the same dynamic features: historical and contemporary photos; educational and archival video; engaging multimedia interactives with short games and additional footage, photos, and information; and historical objects like campaign souvenirs, voter memorabilia, and protest material.

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