The John Hendrix Memorial Prayer Walk

Historical, Family Friendly located in Oak Ridge,TN

The John Hendrix Memorial Prayer Walk is an easy half-mile historic nature trail which tells the story of John Hendrix. John Hendrix was just an ordinary farmer until he became known for having had visions about the future around the year 1900. Those visions later found their fulfillment in the great accomplishment of the 20th century.

As you meander along Hendrix Creek you will find eight trail markers which tell the story of the man who came to be called "The Prophet of Oak Ridge."

On the prayer walk you will hear how John's visions became a reality with the establishment of the city of Oak Ridge when the Manhattan Project developed the first atomic bombs.

Wildlife can be seen throughout the prayer walk. Pets are welcome as long as the trail is kept clean.


Hendrix Drive, Oak Ridge, TN 37840


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