Anderson County is Rich in History

Anderson County has a story to tell. The area is rich in both culture and history. Many of America’s pioneers have called Anderson County home, from those who settled the Southern U.S., to the scientific pioneers who created the atomic bomb, to the civil rights pioneers who took the first step in ensuring civil liberties for all Americans regardless of color. All those who visit Anderson County today will see that the spirit of the American pioneer is on display.

You can spend time at the Museum of Appalachia to discover how pioneers lived off the land and made the tools they needed to survive, visit the Coal Creek Miners Museum to learn about the outcome of the Civil War and the two major mine explosions that killed all but two men in the community, or explore the American Museum of Science and Energy to discover how 75,000 people kept a secret during WWII.

No matter where you spend your time when you visit Anderson County, you will be able to experience a little piece of history. It’s the perfect vacation destination for history buffs and those eager to know more about the cities that make up Anderson County. We like to say that you can travel 300 years in just 3 days when you come to Anderson County. When you visit, be sure to take a trip to one of the many museums or simply take a stroll around the area to soak up the stories of the past.

Historical Things to Do in Anderson County

American Museum of Science and Energy

Explore the amazing world of science & technology and the unique history of Oak Ridge, the "Secret City" of World War II's Manhattan Project. Expe...

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Coal Creek Miners Museum

The Coal Creek Miners Museum tells the story of the miners that lived, worked and died in Coal Creek, Fraterville and Briceville Tennessee.  It also ...

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Coal Creek Motor Discovery Trail

Many of the miners who survived the Coal Creek War died in mine disasters at the Fraterville Mine in 1902 and the Cross Mountain Mine in 1911. These d...

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David Hall Cabin

Built in 1799, the David Hall Cabin, which included a home, inn and tavern, was home to an American Revolutionary War Veteran. If the walls of this ca...

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DOE Facilities Public Bus Tour

Explore the original Manhattan Project sites around Oak Ridge and learn the history behind the development of the world’s first atomic weapon which ...

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Green McAdoo Cultural Center

On August 27, 1956, twelve young people in Clinton, Tennessee walked into history and changed the world. They were the first students to desegregate a...

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