Fishing on Melton Hill Lake

Melton Hill Lake is the best place to go fishing in Anderson County TN if you’re hoping to catch a big fish and have an even bigger adventure! Muskie fishing on Melton Hill Lake is becoming more popular because muskie are one of Tennessee’s largest and fastest growing fish. The merging of the Clinch River and Melton Hill Lake make it the perfect breeding ground for muskie all year long.

If you plan on muskie fishing, know that traditional muskie tackle includes a heavy 7 to 8 foot baitcasting rod with a substantial level-wind reel. Your best bet for catching muskie is fishing during the day. Many congregate near or downstream of Bull Run Steam Plant’s warm-water discharge during the winter and early spring. Keep in mind that since the muskie population is limited, you are encouraged to catch and release.

Fish On! Guided Tours

Fish On Guided Tours is a full time guide service operating year round on the Clinch River and Melton Hill Lake. Fish On! has been featured on WBIR's ...

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Shadnasty Fishing Charters

Shadnasty Fishing Charters is a full service fishing guide on Norris Lake, Melton Hill Lake and the Clinch River.  Shadnasty will provide everything ...

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Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority

The Tennessee Valley Muskie Authority (TVMA) specializes in the pursuit of trophy muskies on year-round southern fisheries, such as Melton Hill Lake. ...

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