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How to Get Your Tennessee Fishing License

norris lake fishingFishing is an activity that’s great for people of all ages. Whether you’re teaching your son or daughter how to reel in their first catch, or you’re trying to catch your own record-breaking fish, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. To go fishing in Tennessee, the one thing you are required to have is a Tennessee fishing license. To make sure you’re prepared for your fishing adventure, find out how to get your Tennessee fishing license today:

1. Where to Get It

A Tennessee fishing license isn’t hard to get! If you want to purchase your Tennessee fishing license in person, most county clerks, sporting goods stores, hardware stores and boating docks sell them. The most common way to purchase your fishing license, however, is through the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s website. It’s quick and easy, and allows you to print your own license.

2. When to Get It

Fishing licenses go on sale February 18 of each year, which is the beginning of prime fishing. They are valid through the last day of February the following year. You can purchase them at any time throughout the year, but must renew it again the following February.

3. Types of Licenses Available

There are a number of different fishing licenses available to purchase for both residents and nonresidents. See some of the most common Tennessee fishing licenses below:

Resident Fishing Licenses

001Annual Hunting & Fishing Combination
Minimum license required to fish and/or hunt small game
002Jr. Hunt, Fish & Trap (Ages 13-15)
Good for hunting all game, fishing, and trapping. Must be purchased prior to 16th birthday.
021One-Day Fishing
022Annual Trout
023One-Day Fishing - All Species

Nonresident Fishing Licenses

070Jr. Hunt/Fish
Required for nonresidents age 13-15, fishing and small game only
076Annual Fishing - No Trout
077Three-Day Fishing - No Trout
078Three-Day Fishing - All Species
079Ten-Day Fishing - No Trout
080Ten-Day Fishing - All Species
081Annual Fishing - All Species

Visit the TWRA website to view all the licenses available and find the best one for you.

4. Other Requirements

To qualify for a resident fishing license, you must have a valid Tennessee driver’s license. If you do not have a Tennessee driver’s license, you must have 2 of the following:

  • Current Tennessee voter registration card
  • Current Tennessee vehicle registration or title
  • Form I-94 issued by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service
  • Current rental/mortgage contract or receipt including deed of sale for property or receipt for payment of Tennessee real estate taxes within the last year
  • A social security number is required as well to purchase a Tennessee hunting or fishing license.

There are also a few exceptions where you aren’t required to have a fishing license. These exceptions include things like if you are under 13 years of age, if you are on military leave, or if it’s Free Fishing Day! You can find a full list of all the exceptions on the TWRA website to see if you fall under any of the categories.

Fishing Guides & Gear

Striper Fishing on Norris Lake TNFor your first time fishing in Anderson County TN, we recommend you fish with a guide for the best experience. There are a variety of fishing guides in the area no matter where you want to fish who will help you have a great time! Most fishing guide services provide all the bait, tackle and other gear that you’ll need, but if you want some of your own, there are a plenty of places near all the top fishing spots where you can get your gear.

Now that you have all the information about how to get a Tennessee fishing license and fishing guides, you’re ready for your fishing trip! Find out more about fishing in Anderson County TN, then plan your visit.