Things to Do in Rocky Top

Fishing, outdoor adventures, history, and more. Rocky Top has something for everyone. Rocky Top is home to Norris Dam State Park, which occupies more than 4,000 acres on the shores of Norris Lake. You can go hiking, biking, or just enjoy the beauty of nature around you. There are plenty of other hiking opportunities in the city as well, in addition to fishing guides who will guarantee you have an unforgettable fishing trip while you’re there! One of the most popular things to do in Rocky Top is the Devil’s Triangle, which is 45 miles of twists and turns and lets you explore the mountains of East Tennessee.

Rocky Top is also rich in history. You can visit the Coal Creek Miner’s Museum to learn the story of the miners who lived, worked, and died in Coal Creek, Fraterville, and Briceville, TN and the events that changed the mining industry, or you explore the Coal Creek Motor Discovery Trail to relive coal mining history and explore the scenic mountains and streams of Coal Creek.

There is something for everyone in Rocky Top TN. Find out more exciting things to do in Rocky Top below!

Coal Creek Miners Museum

The Coal Creek Miners Museum tells the story of the miners that lived, worked and died in Coal Creek, Fraterville and Briceville Tennessee.  It also ...

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Coal Creek Motor Discovery Trail

Many of the miners who survived the Coal Creek War died in mine disasters at the Fraterville Mine in 1902 and the Cross Mountain Mine in 1911. These d...

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Devil’s Triangle

Nestled in the Cumberland Mountains, the Devil’s Triangle is 45 miles of twist and turns. There are some straight aways alongside pastures fields bu...

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Norris Dam State Park

The park occupies more than 4,000 acres on the shores of Norris Lake and surrounds Norris Dam. There are six different trail systems that are located ...

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Rocky Top Reels

Rocky Top Reels is a family run fishing guide service on Norris Lake. Their primary target are the infamous striped bass with bonus oversized smallmou...

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Savage Gardens

Visit this 30 acre garden of many rare and sensitive wildflowers. There are also many towering limestone rock formations to explore. Hours: Open M...

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